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Peerless Research Group offers a wide range of custom and research solutions for businesses, consultants and advertising agencies specializing in supply chain, logistics, materials handling and design engineering products and services. We offer a complete set of quantitative and qualitative services and techniques covering Internet and telephone methodologies as well as focus groups, one-to-one interviewing. Custom or proprietary studies include brand awareness, product and services usage and buying intentions, brand equity, corporate image and perception, ad and concept testing, product feasibility studies, market surveys, customer satisfaction research as well as corporate management studies.

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Peerless Research Group

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Custom Lead-Gen Research Briefs

These Briefs serve as a valuable information asset that is promoted to your target audience and leveraged as a credible co-branded resource and lead generation mechanism.

Turning your Brief into Qualified Leads:

  • Your 5 to 10 page executive brief is posted on our Resource Center as a White Paper
  • Customized registration page captures qualified leads
  • Dedicated marketing to our subscriber list will generate numerous qualified leads


Brand Awareness/ Pre-Post Market Snapshot Studies

These studies offer information on awareness of your brand, measurement of your ad campaign’s effectiveness or a snapshot of a specific aspect of your industry.

  • Up to 10 survey questions
  • Obtain valuable information from LM’s leading audience
  • Quick turnaround

NET INVESTMENT: Per project scope


Custom White Paper Creation

Provide critical business information to the industry Peerless Research produces authoritative reports that address a business issue, product, or competitive situation.

  • Share technical knowledge and business information
  • Generate publicity and attract prospects
  • Written by industry experts

Please note that these white papers are created without industry research. Please see our Custom Lead-Generation Research Briefs for research-based market intelligence.

NET INVESTMENT: per project scope


Peerless Research Group

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