Lead Nurturing — Enhanced White Paper and Webinar Programs

Effective Lead Generation Process

Take your investment in white papers and webcasts to the next level by enhancing your program with a custom lead nurturing campaign. We offer the most effective method to reach the largest, most qualified logistics audience to generate qualified leads for your products and services.

With our multi-touch e-mail strategy, we identify valid potential customers who are ready to buy and should be contacted by your sales team.

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How it works:

  • The nurturing e-mail series is triggered when our subscriber completes the initial lead generation form from your White Paper or Webinar program.
  • Those leads are automatically added to a series of three e-mail messages.
  • Each e-mail in the series of three is a custom message focusing on your offer with your branding.
  • The e-mails are designed to engage prospects about your company’s products and services with offers to further measure their interest.
  • Leads are scored on their progression through the campaign.
  • E-mails are automatically deployed over time (days, weeks).
  • You get the results—and add your leads to your sales funnel.


  • Message branding switches to the client
  • First e-mail message sent 24 hours after initial lead generated.
  • Offer additional resources/white papers.


  • E-mail message sent 5 days after initial lead generated.
  • Offer written or video case study.


  • E-mail message sent 7 days after initial lead generated.
  • Customer contact direct to client.